Two children lost in a shack fire


GALOOME SHOPANE A 43-year-old mother has lost two of her children following a shack fire in Makeleketla, Winburg.

According to police spokesperson Peter Kareli the mother, Matshediso Ntshapo, says she went to a nearby shop and left the boys aged seven and four behind, taking her four-month-old along.

Kareli says Ntshapo claims that she left a few minutes before the fire, while neighbours dispute that.

“The mother was arrested for child neglect and further investigations are in place to investigate whether the cause of death was due to the fire or (if) something happened before the fire,” he says.

The mother has been released on warning, so that she can grieve the loss of her two boys. She will appear in court on December 4.

The father works at one of the farms near Winburg.