Toy-Toy back in court on May 29

Jaco du Toit

The murder trial of a former Bloemfontein police officer has been postponed in the city’s regional court to May 29.

Jaco du Toit, commonly known as “Toy Toy”, stands accused of shooting dead a biker, Michael Jacobs, outside a pub in Bloemfontein in November 2014.

It is alleged that six shots were fired during and after the physical altercation between the pair.

According to the deceased’s father, “Mannetjie” Jacobs, the accused representative asked for the court to dismiss the case. The court, however, decided otherwise. He says he is glad the accused still stands trial.

“He asked for both cases to be dismissed, but the court decided not to. It remains murder. I am very glad, because he told the whole of Bloemfontein that he is going to walk free today and he is not,” Jacobs says.

Katleho Morapela/ Courant News