“South Africa at risk, but not in a crisis,” says ISS



South Africa does not face a crisis despite high crime, unemployment and inequality, though weak growth and poor governance have made it more likely things could go badly wrong."

This is according to a new paper from the Institute for Security Studies (ISS).

The article was compiled by ISS’s executive director, Jakkie Cilliers, who has revised his SA Futures scenarios to take account of electricity shortages, 2014 election results, new population figures and incoherent government policy.

The article continues: “The next five to ten years may be quite uncomfortable, but in longer term SA is in a ‘sweet spot’ for economic growth due to its growing population and the ANC government’s investments over the past 20 years in water, sanitation, health and education.

Bloemfontein Courant will share more details on the story in tomorrow’s article (on August 14th).