Small group gathers at Hoffman Square

Anti-Zuma Protest in Bloemfontein CBD. Photo: Nomaqhawe Mtebele

In a rather low turn-out about a 100 people, mostly DA supporters, have gathered at Hoffman Square for today’s anti-Zuma protest, which started at 12:00.

Although it is widely reported that protests in other larger cities across the country have gained impressive momentum, the rainy weather in the City of Roses might have been a deterrent for local supporters of the campaign.

However, that didn’t stop Democratic Alliance member of parliament, James Letuka, from delivering a compelling speech to audiences chanting: “ZumaMustFall”.

Letuka told the audiences that the protest is not about a particular political party, but rather about the choices President Jacob Zuma made which have in many ways endangered the future of the country. The choices he cited in his speech included the recent reshuffling of Cabinet as well as the Nkandla debacle.

Letuka promised audiences that the DA will ensure that their voices be heard. He said given the damage Zuma has done during his tenure, he will not even make it to 2019.

Saroane Kadi, one of the people gathering at Hoffman Square, told Bloemfontein Courant that the protest is necessary because Zuma’s actions will affect everybody’s pocket.

Another bystander, Manthuse Mosia, says people should not pay attention to the #AntiZumaMarch, and should rather go through the right processes if they want the president to step down. – Pulane Choane