Security was efficient for this year’s MACUFE – Police



This year’s MACUFE was more orderly then in other years. Police in the city say the event was successful and the security was tight, ensuring that visitors and city’s festival goers felt safe throughout the entire festivity.

Police Spokesperson Thandi Mbambo says they did however issue out a high number of fines for public drinking and motorists who parked in restricted areas had their cars towed away.

She adds, as a result of the high density of people, there were also cases of theft of cellphones, where two people were later arrested.

"The event was successful and went smooth, however we managed to record a few incidents that include drinking in public, and also traffic offences.

Other incidents that were reported was a case on rape, though it was just one, attempted murder at a shopping center near The Dome, where a victim was stabbed with a bottle and two suspects were immediately arrested. But more over we really had a successful event," she says.

Furthermore three people were also arrested in relation to fraud, where the suspects were duplicating the MACUFE tickets. Mbambo says their printer and fake tickets were confiscated.