Schools gearing up for pool league

Mark Steenbok

The Free State Blackball Pinnacle Africa Pool League will start on Friday for schools around Bloemfontein at the Tempe Pool Club.

This league will be going on until September this year. There will be 17 teams from 12 schools participating to be crowned as the league winners.

The pool playing schools from around Bloemfontein gathered at the Tempe Pool Academy Club last Friday afternoon; to officially open the league for schools and to be briefed on what they can expect from this Friday.

Chair of the league David Kriel gave some tips and insight on the league and more particularly the 9-ball – rules that players don’t understand so well.

Some of the national and provincial players also gave a glimpse on how the competition might pan out when they showcase some of their skills in demo games.

Recognition and acknowledgement were also given to provincial and national players who performed admirably last year.

According to Poedels du Plessis, a coach, pool is a game where you need lots of concentration and teaches children discipline. She gave clarity on how the two can be integrated to good use.

“We use the pool club as the detention class as well, so the children do their homework here and then play pool in the afternoon”.

Players practice every week at the Tempe Pool Academy Club, where they work on different skills and test themselves in different scenarios to be in tip top shape for the schools’ tournament.

The league will officially start at 14:15 on Friday afternoon.