PHOTO GALLERY: Men in blue take to the streets

Warrant Officer (REV) Mthandeki Phangwa Photos: Pierce van Heerden
Bloemfontein’s men in blue took to the streets to lend a helping hand to homeless people in some of the abandoned buildings in the city.

The officers, who are part of the Men of Change Movement, visited these buildings as part of the Mandela Day celebrations.

They handed out soup and bread and started the first steps of establishing a database of men living on the streets.

Sam Makhele explained that the recent killings of homeless men in Pretoria sparked the initiative. He made it clear that it was not a raid but an effort to offer a helping hand. He says these incidents showed how vulnerable homeless people are and so the officers offered to listen and see where they can help.

Makhele stressed that Men for Change will again do the rounds in order to make sure that they have covered all the ground and gathered as much information as possible.

OFM News/Elsabé Richard