Mangaung rates hall closed due to technical issue


The Bram Fischer Building’s rates hall has been closed for today (5 January 2021) due to a technical problem.

All services rendered at the above office will be temporarily unavailable and operations will resume tomorrow (6 January 2021).

According to a statement by the Mangaung Metro Municipality (MMM), only the rates hall has been closed and all other services rendered in the building will continue unhindered.

It further explains that operations at all other regional offices of the city will continue as normal.

The MMM, however, discourages the community from frequently visiting offices at this point, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Enquiries can be made via the call centre on 0800 111 300 and payments can be done at other pay points or retailers such as Shoprite, Checkers and Pick n Pay.

Sazly Hartzenberg