Kunene aligned himself to be on the edge in the EFF



Political Analyst Theo Venter says the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) positioned themselves towards the left side of the political spectrum by being economically radical.

He says the political spectrum is positioned from the left to right and there is stabilization in parties that are situation in the center of the spectrum. This after the EFF’s spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi announced the official resignation of businessman and socialite Kenny Kunene on Monday.

Venter says towards the left of the political spectrum is the black consciousness culture party and a similar position on the right side where leaders have strong ideological positions. He says those positions need people with strong ideological requirements…

“Typically business people are pragmatic and they operate in the middle of the political scene. They don’t operate very actively and successfully on the edges of politics. Kunene aligned himself to be on the edge of the political spectrum and I think that became a very uncomfortable position, more than a leadership struggle in the EFF which is part of that,” he says.

Ndlozi says they wish Kunene well with his future activities of assisting gang wars in Cape Town. He says Kunene will remain committed in making South Africa work in the spirit of radical economic justice.