June 16 set for National Marimba Festival

June 16 set for National Marimba Festival

The Marimba Education Foundation will mark the 40th Anniversary of the Soweto uprising by staging the National Marimba Festival on 16 June 2016.
With funding from the National Lotteries Commission, the foundation will partner with Sacred Heart College, Observatory, a school with a long and significant tradition of liberal education and activism.
“The festival caters for all ages, from primary to high school, from amateur to professional, from pure instrumentals to marimbas combined with vocals and dancing,” said Hilde Gordon of the Marimba Education Foundation. “Past festivals have seen close to 1000 enthusiastic players from more than 30 institutions from across the country making the journey to the festival. We are currently taking applications for the 2016 festival, which promises to set a new benchmark.”
The National Marimba Festival provides an expressive platform for all exponents of this increasingly popular instrument. Although the festival takes the form of a competition, the greater outcome of the festival lies in the cross-pollination of ideas, styles and repertoire that inspires the players and educators to reach higher and higher levels of creative excellence in Marimba Playing.
“The camaraderie of marimba players as they come together to celebrate and delight in their performances is heartwarming at every level,” continued Gordon. “We believe that the National Marimba Festival 2016 will be one of great significance. It seems fitting and humbling to be able to honour the sacrifices of the past by celebrating the extraordinary promise of our youth of today. These young artists truly inspire with their commitment and musicianship. This festival is a wonderful showcase of youth arts – which is so important at every level.”
A heightened sense of celebration, community and collaboration underscores the National Marimba Festival.
The warm sound of the mallets on the reverberating keys has become a familiar soundtrack for so many occasions in South Africa; from school functions to corporate events, from arts festivals to ceremonial welcomes for heads of state, and this is the sound that will reverberate from Sacred Heart College on the 16 June during the 9th National Marimba Festival.