Jacob Zuma decides to ‘move with times’, joins social media

Former South African President Jacob Zuma speaks to his supporters after his court appearance in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, July 27, 2018. REUTERS/Rogan Ward/The Citizen

On Friday morning, former President Jacob Zuma announced that he had decided to join major social media channels.

So far, he has only tweeted one video, announcing why he has joined up at the sprightly age of 76.

“Hello everyone. I have decided to move with times, to join this important area of conversation because I hear many people are talking about me – as well as others are … calling themselves Zuma in many ways.

“I felt it is necessary that I should join in and be part of the conversation and join the people in their discussions.

“It’s me, former president Jacob Zuma.”

His social media handles have been advertised as follows:



Zuma JG

Facebook fan page

As of Friday morning, the Twitter account had just over 200 users. It’s likely to rise rapidly.

Charles Cilliers / The Citizen