Former Heidedaller to feature in local film

Maurice Carpede plays one of his most riveting roles as "Impi Buthelezi" in upcoming local film "The Recce". Credit: The Recce movie

Media personality, Maurice Carpede, who grew up in Heidedal and has inspired members of the community to believe in the beauty of dreams through his widespread success, will once again give the society something to be proud of as he will feature in a new local war film called “The Recce”.

Though his role is a supportive one, Carpede will play the role of “Impi Buthelezi”, a soldier employed and trusted by the government during the days of Apartheid to kill all the enemies of the state. Speaking about Buthelezi’s character, Carpede says “Impi is a ghost figure throughout the film. He hardly ever speaks and the one time he does say something he speaks about something that happened to him in his past.”

Carpede says the role was fun for him to play because not only did he have to become mean but he also had to heavily rely on his body language and facial expressions to convey the essence of Impi’s character to the viewers. Relating to how he got the role, Carpede says as the character doesn’t speak much, he had to use his eyes to impress the directors during the auditions, which worked because, after that, he was offered the role on the spot.

Though he admits that he personally believes the movie might step on a few toes, he says the narrative of the movie is one paramount to South Africa’s reconciliation.

“It is one of those stories that need to be told if we are to be healed in this country,” he says. The movie tells the fictional story of a soldier, Henk Viljoen, who is falsely declared dead during the Border War between South Africa and Angola and finds a way to manipulate the situation as he sets off to make his way home to his family. Viljoen’s chances are slim as the enemy follows him closely.

In the motion picture directed by Johannes Ferdinand van Zyl, Carpede plays alongside a stellar cast which includes small screen stalwarts like Marius Weyers, Elsabe Daneel, Grant Swanby, Albert Maritz, Christia Visser and Greg Kriek, among others not mentioned in this list.

The production promises an action-filled, emotion-igniting and brave tale with a bit of romance that will go down in history as South Africa’s most telling films. It will launch in selected cinemas around the land on 8 September 2017.

The word ‘recce’ as used in the movie title, is short for “reconnaissance”, which in military operations is the exploration outside an area occupied by friendly forces to gain information about natural features and enemy presence.

Pulane Choane- Courant News