Expressing feelings through music

Lehlohonolo Naphtali Ramafikeng

Lehlohonolo Naphtali Ramafikeng has released two songs on 18 August, titled “What if” and “I hate this”. The RnB/Pop artist goes by the stage name NaphTali Diamanté. “Naphtali is my middle name, I just decided to capitalise the T for emphasises. Diamanté, on the other hand, is a French phrase which means ‘a sparkling decoration’, I chose that specific French phrase because it matches the description of my voice,” said Ramafikeng.

Ramafikeng went into RnB/Pop music because he felt a connection since a very young age. “I remember knowing the rest of Westlife’s songs and my mom kept on complaining that I do not know my academic stuff but I sing the lyrics of those songs word by word.”

He explained that the song “What if” is an expression of his feelings to the person he romantically wants to be with. He added that after recording the song, he felt very relieved because it is hard for him to tell someone about his feelings. “When I wrote ‘I hate this’, I wanted to express the heartache I felt after my previous relationship, as I had had enough of being in a one sided relationship,” he added.

Ramafikeng wants to work with international artists in the next 5 to 10 years. He is set to release an EP in November this year, titled “We made it” because he believes he has finally found a way to get into music. “I see myself having a very successful music career and being one of the best artists in South Africa,” he concluded.

Corn Koteli