Eskom not anticipating load shedding this weekend


SABRINA DEAN – Power supplier Eskom says although it doesn’t anticipate any load shedding this weekend the system remains tight and consumers are requested to save power wherever possible.

This after it was able to avert stage one load shedding at the last minute yesterday. Spokesperson Andrew Etzinger says the evening electricity demand is lower over weekends, which means although the system is tight, they are able to control it.

He says geysers, swimming pool pumps and air conditioners are the biggest drain on electricity resources and has asked consumers to switch these off wherever possible, particularly between the 6pm to 8pm peak. "A lot of homeowners and businesses are buying airconditioners at the moment and we’re asking where possible, open windows and use fresh air and also don’t run airconditioners in rooms that are not occupied," he says.

Etzinger adds Eskom is now counting down the days until the first generator at Medupi is expected to become operational on 24 December. "We are just over fifty days from the connection of Medupi’s first generator to the grid so it’s a very exciting time," he says.

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