Dr Masithela publishes second book

Dr Ntswaki Brunnehilde Masithela PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

Passionate about personal development and transformation, Dr Ntswaki Brunnehilde Masithela is a firm believer in people’s ability to achieve their desired outcomes.

Dr Masithela holds a number of qualifications, including a Doctoral Degree in Education, specialising in Educational Psychology, from the Northern Illinois University (USA) and has recently published her second book.

The book is titled Recalibrate your mindset – attain effectiveness and is aimed at creating a heightened awareness of the impact of mindsets on behaviour and invariably on people’s desired outcomes or results. According to Masithela, “the book inspires people to assess the mindsets that govern their behaviour and once they find that they have non-supportive mindsets that sabotage their dreams and aspirations, to then embark on a mindset recalibration process.”

After 10 months of writing, Masithela published the book on 26 September 2019; her first book is titled Spiral Up and fulfil your God-given destiny. It is an inspirational book that challenges, encourages and inspires readers to use their gifts and talents to live purposeful lives and to impact the world with those gifts and talents.

Masithela is also the founder and owner of a company called Spiral Up Coaching, a coaching company that helps clients to achieve desired outcomes by implementing turn-around coaching techniques and strategies.

According to Masithela during her presentation at the launch of the book, which was held on 27 September 2019, she noted that the question is not whether or not we have mindsets that subconsciously govern our behaviour, the reality is that we do. Rather, the question is whether the mindsets we have are supportive or non-supportive of our endeavours.

To get your hands on a copy of the book, contact 051-444-6415 or 072-560-2908.