DA invites public to crucial council meeting

DA Mangung has requested a tabling of a motion of no confidence for the second time against Executive Mayor, Olly Mlamleli. From the left are Dirk Kotze, MP Werner Horn, Mokgadi Kganakga, Johan Pretorius, David Mosoeu, and Hardie Viviers. PHOTO: NOMAQHAWE MTEBELE.

The DA in Mangaung hopes for a secret ballot on Tuesday, in order to vote Executive Mayor Olly Mlamleli out of her post. This comes after the party has requested that Speaker of Council, Mxolisi Siyonzana, table a motion of no confidence against Mlamleli.

According to Ward 47 councillor, Mokgadi Kganakga, who put forward the motion, the need for external intervention in the metro is an indication that new leadership is necessary. “It is alarming that the metro was downgraded for the second time by credit agency Moody’s within a year. It has also been placed under administration by the provincial executive,” she said.

Ward 24 Councillor Dirk Kotzem who seconded the motion, also expressed that the motion is not a political stunt but a much needed step in gaining back the trust of residents. “We are accountable to the community and as the DA this will be our first step to get the community’s trust in the council of Mangaung back. This is not a political stunt, it’s the first step we will take to clean house,” said Kotze.

Member of Parliament, Werner Horn, expressed that this motion of no confidence is similar to that of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) against former President Jacob Zuma before he was ousted. “There are a lot of parallels that can be drawn from the position South Africa was politically under Zuma’s presidency and the situation that Mangaung is facing,” he explained.

“The Speaker, in exercising his discretion, has to decide if the motion is a stunt or an accountability measure. Our view is that if you look at the way that Mangaung has regressed since the mayor took over three and a half years ago, there’s no way objectively speaking that this motion of no confidence could be a political stunt,” said Horn.

The party invites members of the public to attend the council meeting at 14:00 on Tuesday at the Glass Palace, where the motion will be tabled by Speaker Siyonzana.

“I would like to stress to the community to please come tomorrow and sit in the gallery. It would help to make this process fair to all the councillors should the secret ballot take place. When something is done in sight of the voters people tend to be more aware of their actions,” said Kganakga.

Nomaqhawe Mtebele