Cybercrime concerns FS police

Cybercrime, which includes, theft, fraud, extortion and a host of statutory offences, amongst others, remains a serious concern for the Free State police as there has been an increase recently.

According to the police spokesperson, Stephen Thakeng, several cases that are being probed by the police in the province.

He says the biggest threat concerning cybercrime is the fact that communication, be it through social media, e-mail or even verbal, is done anonymously. Thakeng says, as a result, many people become the victim of exploitation or extortion.

“It is a well-known fact that constant hacking attacks are launched against platforms like Facebook, Instagram and e-mail clients. If you speak to a person that you have never met before, you will never be able to guess their age, background or intention through online communication,” he adds. Here are some tips to keep you safe when interacting online:

•Use strong passwords on all your accounts – short/weak passwords can be bypassed very easily rendering your system open. This is also true on your cell phone.

•Use a trusted and updated anti-virus program on your computer as well as your phone.

•Do not visit questionable websites like pornography sites, this is known sites to upload viruses, backdoors and other exploitation onto computers. This is especially true for those who value their data.

•Heed the warnings issued by banks. Remember, banks will never ask for your identity number, banking details, pin codes etc. Those are things they should have.

OFM News/Lucky Nkuyane