Athol Fugard on ‘The Shadow of the Hummingbird’



Athol Fugard will be on stage for the first time in 15 years at the Andre Huguenet Theatre in Bloemfontein, staging his new play titled The Shadow of the Hummingbird. The extraordinary and highly praised 82years old actor, director and playwriter says the moving production, is inspired by his 11 year old grandson, Gavyn.

“From the day he was born, he has just been such a rejuvenating, gloriously alive and provocative presence in my life,” he says fondly. The play however is also about love as he further adds, “This is the most naked statement I have ever made about that mysterious emotion.”

Fugard will act alongside Marviantos Baker in this graceful performance. The show will run from Wednesday August 20 to Saturday August 23.

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