The marathon bug bites Coetzee

Louzanne Coetzee and her guide, Xavier Adams, on her way to shattering the T11 5000-m world record in Berlin in July. PHOTO: REINHARDT HAMMAN

The Bloemfontein Paralympian, Louzanne Coetzee, will make an attempt at breaking the T11 marathon world record in future.

On Sunday during the Berlin Marathon, and during what was just her second ever 42.2-km race, the 25-year-old blind runner came within 26 sec of breaking the world record of 3:13:15, which belongs to China’s Jin Zheng.

Coetzee clocked a time of 3:13:41 with the help of her guides, Claus Kempen and Godfrey Ramokone.

Speaking to Bloemfontein Courant from the German capital, she says she knows that the record is within her reach.

“It was definitely a formidable effort and having both of Kempen and Ramokone here was an absolute blessing.

“They both meant so much to me and they were such a great part of the team from the start.

“It really was amazing having them here and to get to experience Berlin. The vibe here was so special.

“The training would not have been possible without Rufus Botha, who is back in Bloemfontein.

“It was amazing to have all this huge support behind us. I will definitely attempt the same effort again in order for me to break that world record.

“I think that it is within my reach and I really want it, so I will definitely do it again.”

Earlier in the year, Coetzee shattered her own T11 5000-m world record in Berlin. – MORGAN PIEK