TAC’s public hearings not politically influenced



Petsana residents’ association chairperson said the Treatment Action Campaign’s people’s commission wasn’t influenced by any political agenda.

According to the association’s chairperson, Majola Dumezweni, they have confidence in the TAC’s public hearings. He was speaking at the TAC’s public hearings at University of the Free State in Bloemfontein on Wednesday. Dumezweni believes the public hearings will bring positive outcomes to Free State residents.

He further said if any political party wanted to be given a platform to speak they would have withdrawn their involvement to the commission. This after EFF’s provincial Treasurer Eddie Goliath asked the panel to be given him a chance to speak, however, Dumezweni objected the request to the commission’s panel stating that no political party should be given a chance to speak.

“To grant a political party a platform to present then it is equally to what we have witnessed on Tuesday. They might as well have given the ANC a platform and the DA, in fact all opposition parties would have to be given platforms to present as well. This commission is not a party political matter, it is the matter of the community and let the community raise their issues in the commission because the same opposition parties fail to raise these issues,” said Dumezweni.