New political party on the block

President Mpho Dagada PHOTO: Supplied

Arise South Africa seeks to lay the foundations for a better future for South Africans and ensure progress through positive transformation.

This new political party was officially launched at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton on Saturday 15 April 2023.

Local media sources, a significant number of young people, and delegates were there. Arise South Africa is a movement born out of the nation’s urgent need to rescue itself from the forces that are holding it back.

The vision of the party is committed to unlocking the untapped potential that lies within South Africa, allowing it to become the best country in the world and unleashing hope among all its people.

The main goal of this political party is to bring about far-reaching changes in order to reconstruct South Africa – restoring institutions, moral values, infrastructure, and its people. It was formed in response to inadequate leadership, a growing electricity crisis, rampant crime, unemployment, and endemic corruption that has plagued the country.

Mpho Dagada, the first youth president in Africa, said Arise SA works to enact significant change in order to rebuild South Africa, restoring its people, infrastructure, moral standards, and institutions.

We want to guarantee that residents, especially young people, have a positive future and ensure progressive growth for citizens.

“As a Commissioner of the 4th Industrial Revolution, appointed by President Cyril Ramaphosa himself, I joined the commission with the hope of changing the country. I quickly realised that the government was not ready to implement our ideas and take action,” he said.

Dagada made the decision to start the party in response to his frustration and the voice of the young in South Africa.

Arise SA focuses on creating effective-practical solutions such as harnessing blockchain technology and artificial intelligence and tackling pervasive corruption and crime in the country.

The party says that they can eradicate issues such as inadequate leadership, the unemployment rate of the youth, and the electricity crisis that has plagued the country.

OFM News/Zenande Mpame