Expert team to investigate BFN doctor’s death



A ballistics expert team from Gauteng will return to Bloemfontein today to investigate the death of a local doctor whose body was found in his house in Bayswater on Friday. Police spokesperson, Thandi Mbambo, told  Bloemfontein Courant last night that the body of 47-year old Marius Venter was found with a gunshot wound to the heart.
He had an old rusty pistol in his hand.

Mbambo says police are not ruling out suicide, however it seems as though a lot of effort was put into making Venter’s death look like a suicide attempt. Mbambo says ballistics experts will conduct a post mortem today before visiting the scene.

Mbambo says no suspects have been identified and there were no eyewitnesses. Venter lived alone but shared a stand with his parents.