#Covid-19: FS Health troubled by newly detected variant


The Free State Health Department has raised  concerns after reports of a newly detected Covid-19 variant in the country.

Free State Health spokesperson Mondli Mvambi says the concerns arise from the fact that the Free State is one of the provinces that is at the centre of the country and it is connected to five national key roads. He says that this is one of many issues that could see the province’s positive cases rise. In the Legislature sitting earlier today, Health MEC Montseng Tsiu stated that the newly detected covid-19 variant is yet to be detected in the province.

However, Mvambi adds that he is confident that the fourth wave can be avoided in the province if people adhere to the scientifically proven prevention methods which are non-pharmaceutical interventions such as wearing masks, social distancing, regular washing of hands and the use of sanitizers. He further reiterated the importance of eligible people getting vaccinated.

According to Mvambi, the combined use of vaccines and adherence to Covid-19 regulations has proven successful for the province as the rates of infections, sickness, hospitalisation and deaths have dropped. He concluded that experts have estimated that the effects of the fourth wave might not be severe as previous waves, especially to vaccinated people who also adhere to non-pharmaceutical interventions.


Kekeletso Mosebetsi