Bfn accident leaves one dead and two critically injured

Photo: Pierce van Heerden

A collision which occurred just before 8am this morning in Raymond Mhlaba Street between a vehicle and motorbike left one dead and two critically injured. According to an eyewitness who wants to remain anonymous, the deceased was travelling with his daughter on a motorbike when the accident happened. “The deceased was driving from Exton Road turning into Raymond Mhlaba Street when a blue Mazda hit the bike and the impact caused the bike to propel.

When Bloemfontein Courant arrived on the scene, the Navalsig SAPS together with ER24 and local emergency services were already on the scene. The daughter of the deceased and the driver of the car were rushed to hospital. Bloemfontein Courant has sent an inquiry to the police. This is a developing story.


Pierce van Heerden