Areas in Mangaung flooded after heavy rain

The heavy downpour caused most of the main roads, as well as most of the houses in the Dinaweng area to flood. Photos: Supplied

Several residents in the Mangaung Metro sustained injuries and were taken to hospital after the city experienced a severe thunderstorm and cloud burst last night.

According to Mangaung Metro spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, residents were assisted by the Provincial EMS.  Others were transported to hospital.

Khedama said that as a result of the heavy downpour most of the main roads were flooded, as well as most of the houses in the Dinaweng area.

He said areas that were badly affected are Dinaweng, Caleb Motsabi, Phase 7 to 9, Bergman Square and Khayelitsa. Khedama says that the City is in the process of relocating displaced families to community halls for temporary shelter. Some areas are currently inaccessible and the response teams are trying to find their way to reach the affected areas.

He explained that the emergency team is requesting those who are able to redirect water through trenches to do so. Motorists are warned to be cautions.

For emergencies residents can call 051 409 9600 or 051 406 6666.