MCC gives provincial government another 10 days

Protesters and the police clash during the week of18 May's total shutdown which left Bloemfontein residents trapped in their homes. PHOTO: TJAART VAN DER WALT

The provincial government has been given another 10 days by the leadership of the Mangaung Community Concern (MCC) group to disband the Manguang council.

According to a statement by the MCC, should this demand not be met, the group will occupy every municipal and provincial government office in the city on July 12.

They further say that they have consulted with the following organisations: Greater Bloemfontein Taxi Association; Residents Association of Mangaung; Mangaung Civil Society Front; IDC Consortium; 051ismyhome; South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU); INYANDA LAND MOVEMENT; the South African Municipal Workers Union; Mangaung Hawkers Association (MAHA) and many others.

“These organisations agreed, after receiving a report from MCC about the progress in negotiations, that Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality and the Provincial Government are not taking us seriously and they can only do so if our people teach them a lesson”, reads the statement.

The MCC has also made a call on residents of Mangaung to stop paying their rates and taxes as from the 1st of July 2021.

They said they are now more united and determined to ensure that whoever leads in the city is worthy of the trust of the residents and understands the dynamics of this city. “As of today, various individuals and organisations will be engaging government to put their stand across. We are united as this group in ensuring that the people of Mangaung get value for their money.”

Compiled by Sazly Hartzenberg