Zulus’ political support to be taken seriously – Analyst



Zulus are the most powerful dominating constituency of all different ethnic grouping in South Africa.

This is according to political analyst Hussein Solomon. He says undermining of their support will not benefit political opposition parties. Solomon’s remarks emerge after Economic Freedom Fighters’ leader Julius Malema, visited Durban yesterday.

Malema made a public apology to Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi for remarks he made while he was with the
ANC Youth League. Solomon says KwaZulu-Natal is also President Jacob Zuma’s backyard where he enjoys its support.
He says Malema’s apology was important, but highlights that nothing is genuine in politics, even alliances don’t last forever.

“For them to make a serious impact into the ANC territory the opposition needs to be united and you already see this. In terms of various impressions that have been put out there to political opposition, the different parties say let us work together, form a pact and not steal each other’s voters, but rather go for ANC votes,” he says.

Solomon says the nature of the political landscape is changing and people are increasingly witnessing opposition parties cannibalising votes.