Zimbabwe Hits Malema Back For Insulting Uncle Bob


The Zimbabwean government has issued a scathing statement that called Julius Malema, leader of the EFF, among other things a “shrunken joke” following statements the firebrand leader made about President Robert Mugabe. The Zimbabwean Minister of Media and Information,

The Zimbabwean Minister of Media and Information, Christopher Mushowe, responded to Malema who earlier this week called President Robert Mugabe a “grandpa who should let go of power”. He said Malema’s statements were “irritating, insulting and uncalled for”.

In the verbose and hostile statement Mushowe further went on to say “what made Malema’s statements irritatingly despicable, was an informing presumption that in spite of his threadbare prodigal political career, he visualised himself as important enough to comment and pass judgment on the leadership credentials and political career of such an iconic figure as President Robert Gabriel Mugabe”.

The statement was released on Twitter by Zimbabwean Media Review.

Bloemfontein Courant attempted to check the validity of the letter by visiting the Zimbabwean government’s website, however, the site did not load.

You can take a look at the statement here:

Pulane Choane/BloemfonteinCourant