Zeelow transfers DJ skills

Talib Louw

Making ends meet has been and still is not an easy task considering the very negative impact the national lockdown has had on artists in South Africa.

However, Charlton Peterson, also known as DJ Zeelow, decided to make a bitter situation sweet. Since he has more time on his hands, he decided to teach youngsters how to work a DJ table and what it takes to actually become one.

“I had to remind myself why I chose this career and why I decided to be part of the industry,” he said. He started training a few young people as music was the one thing in life he could resort to and from which he could find peace instantly.

DJ Zeelow

He added that he wanted to test the waters to see whether or not the initiative would spike interest, and it did. He put up a feeler on social media and sent his idea to friends.

Interest started rising. The course covers instrument set-up, how to use CDJs and how to mix two songs together. The students also study theory of different genres and the understanding the fundamentals of DJing.

“My first student, Talib Louw, who is 15 years old, is a phenomenal student and I can personally say that he got the hang of it quite easily.”

DJ Zeelow also has DJs who go to him to improve their skills and he said
to see the progress the students are making in such a short time frame, is heartwarming to him.

To get in touch with DJ Zeelow and to join his classes, contact him on 084- 727-3100.

Heidre Malgas