‘Your dreams are bigger than you’

Business woman Lynette Beer inspired guests to fulfill their dreams as well as help others to do the same at the Reach for a Dream Business Breakfast. PHOTO: NOMAQHAWE MTEBELE

Local business people gathered at the Summerwood Country Estate outside Bloemfontein this morning to take in the wise words of motivational speaker Lynette Beer at the Reach for a Dream Foundation’s business breakfast.
The foundation held the event to keep Bloemfontein residents in the loop on their activities and to emphasise the importance of making dreams come true.
Nobody else could have driven this point home better then Beer, the 2018 National Ambassador of the South African Council of Business Women.
“A dream is the plan that God has for your life but in order to reach it you need to have a goal. If you do not reach your dream then you live your life in vain because you never experienced the fulfillment of God’s plan for your life,” said Beer.
The motivational speaker enamoured the room with her cheerful presence leaving everyone not only thinking how they could achieve their dreams but encourage those of others as well. “Your dream is not just about yourself. It is also about using your abilities and talents to help other people. It is bigger than you,” said Beer.
One of the guests, Verna Butler, said that she walks away from the event with a new perspective on others and how she can influence them for the better.
“What I take away is the influence that I can have on other people. It is so easy to judge and make false assumptions. But I think it is important to change that – to get to know people and make an impact on them,” she explained.
Stephen Oliphant from African Bank, who sponsored the event, said that fulfilling the dreams of children is one of their aims. “We are involved because we want to make sure that the dreams of children come alive. With initiatives like these, we are able to do that. As a corporate we want to take the hand of Reach for a Dream so they can fulfill their dreams as well,” he said. – Nomaqhawe Mtebele