Young men ‘hungry’ to change the lives of their peers

Dillon Maverick Johnson

After taking a stand for the youth of Heidedal against drug and alcohol abuse and many attempts to get a skate park to keep the youth away from danger, the group of young hopefuls still want to change their community, even after a lack of support.

Dillon Maverick Johnson recently started Create Skate Club, a Christian skate and art organisation which aims to teach kids about the Word of God, how to skate, and to provide them with resources and entrepreneurial knowledge to create anything they want to.

“The initiative started when we received no support in terms of the park, but are still hungry to change lives,” Johnson said.

“Create” is an acronym for Christ Reveals Every Artist Through Empowerment – with the goal of spreading the gospel, teaching kids how to skate in a safe environment, along with helping with their homework first and lessons out of the school’s agenda. According to Johnson anybody who’s interested in skateboarding, or just wants to help with anything unique to offer, are welcome.

Create is a God-driven organisation providing programmes combining skateboarding and education to children and youth in Bloemfontein. Through the hook of skateboarding they engage with children, especially girls and youth from low-income backgrounds, teaching them about the Lord and providing valuable life skills that go beyond the skate park and the classroom.

At the moment the Create team does not have a permanent facility where classes are held, but does not allow that to stop them. “We are giving a lessons at Lee Marco Centre every Wednesday and at Pacofs every Saturday for now,” Johnson added.

Create’s primary goal is for kids to be more involved in the Word, and according to Johnson skateboarding is a lucrative sport with endless opportunities. – Pierce van Heerden