Young filmmaker aims to create blockbusters

Kopano Motsekoa, 34-year-old filmmaker and author from Bloemfontein

The 34-year-old Managing Director of Hollabloem (Pty) Ltd, Peter Kopano Motsekoa, does not only have his eyes set on creating award-winning blockbusters but wants to educate his viewers through his unique way of story-telling.

Motsekoa recently published his first book and has also won an achievement award for demonstrating excellent potential in short-film production during his graduation ceremony in 2017. His book, Don’t Follow the Crowd, which is a short fiction/spiritual story about his inner journey, is available on Amazon as an eBook or paperback.

According to him, the book, published on 14 February 2020, is an inspirational, motivational, spiritual story about love and the magic that happens when we follow our hearts. “Do what you love,” that’s the motto.

Apart from sharing his journey and stories through writing, Motsekoa is also an upcoming filmmaker. The born and bred Bloemfontein story teller said his desire to be a filmmaker has always existed.

“My dad used to call me to watch the behind-the-scenes shows, and I guess that’s what sparked the fire in me to do films. So I started small while in primary school (Tsholetsang). My friends and I started singing in front of the class. We didn’t know how to write our songs, so we sang songs by other artists.

“When we got to high school, we formed an official group and started performing on bigger stages like Macufe. We shared the backstage with the likes of Zola, Kabelo Mabalane, and many more,” Motsekoa said.

Motsekoa is not letting the pandemic get in his way as he still has a lot of big plans for the year 2020. He told Bloemfontein Courant in an interview that he still plans to work with local artists on various projects and also has plans to write another book.

To get your hands on his book, Don’t Follow the Crowd, visit the Amazon store online. For more of his work, visit his Facebook page @ Kopano Motsekoa.

Pierce van Heerden