Young entrepreneur dreams big

Nozipho Ndlovu , founder of Unlimited Buz Horizon

The young Nozipho Ndlovu (22) is opening doors for enthusiastic, diligent and ambitious young people who want to widen their horizon. She is the founder and director of Unlimited Buz Horizon (UBH), an organisation on campus which seeks to address social ills and provide practical solutions to some of South Africa’s problems, concentrating mostly on the youth.

“I started Unlimited Buz Horizon with the aim to address issues which most young people shy away from and to provide practical solutions by educating the nation about making use of entrepreneurship to sustain themselves. I want to see young people unleash their full potential. I want to see young people believing in themselves and seeing themselves in us, to know all is possible, but only if you put in work. I want them to know that your past doesn’t have to determine your future,” she told Bloemfontein Courant.

Ndlovu grew up in KwaZulu-Natal and did not have the easiest childhood. She was determined to make a better future for herself. She has held many leadership positions at the University of the Free State where she currently works at the Department of Theology and Religion. “I am currently enrolled for my third degree at the University of the Free State in BCom Financial Analysis. As my fi rst degree I obtained a BCom Economics and a BCom Honours in Business Management, specialising in entrepreneurship,” she added.

Ndlovu defi nes herself as an inspiration as she never lets obstacles stand in the way of achieving her goal. “I am looking at ways to create big platforms for social entrepreneurs to reach the right target market. Unlimited Buz Horizon is looking at expanding to other provinces to help our fellow sisters and brothers to unleash their full potential,”
she told Bloemfontein Courant.

For more information about the business, Nozipho can be contacted on 061-351-9681 or

Heidre Malgas