Young Bfn entrepreneur starts own company

Rethabile Randy Leeuw (21), owner of RRL Designs

A young Bloemfontein entrepreneur, Rethabile Randy Leeuw (21), started her first company at the beginning of this year.

Excited about being the sole owner of her very first company at the young age of 21, she told Bloemfontein Courant that young entrepreneurs now not only have to face difficulties like resources but also have to work around the difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

Leeuw, who is the owner of an online graphic design company, said Covid-19 has brought a lack of business due to restrictions but it has also taught her some valuable lessons, such as to be patient and understanding that this is a difficult time for many businesses, more so the younger ones.

On the question of why she decided to start her own company, she explained that her parents have been her inspiration since the beginning.

They have motivated her to follow her heart and have backed every decision she has made thus far. She added that she has difficulty in finding customers, market her business and just general mentorship throughout in the industry she is in at the moment.

Her advice to young entrepreneurs is to overcome their fears and start building their dreams regardless of any difficulties they might be facing. “I have learned that it is important to be independent and that is what I would like for the youth of our country.”

According to her, her company is open and she is ready to take on any opportunity that may come her way. She offers a graphic design service, which includes but is not limited to the design of invitations.

Leeuw concluded by saying that she is working towards having her own premises, offering more services as well as getting together the necessary resources to ensure that her business succeeds. People can contact Leeuw on

Sazly Hartzenberg