Young Bfn author releases second book

Young author Olebogeng Reatile Sebolao

Olebogeng Reatile Sebolao, an author and entrepreneur from Bloemfontein, has released his second book at the age of 21.

According to Sebolao, his latest book, titled What Am I learning from my father?, is about him giving his father flowers while he is still alive. “Too often we wait for people to pass away; then only we want to say how great they were, which is wrong because they can’t hear you when they are no more.”

The author, who started writing at the age of 19, says his mother is his biggest inspiration as she is also an author. “I’ve always watched how people admire her and wanted to know how that feels. This is why I followed in her footsteps, but by telling my own story.”

Sebolao hopes to change the narrative around fatherhood through his book. He wants to convey the message that men are not bad people. “Well, at least, some of them,” he says. Sebolao also wants people to understand that fathers play a crucial role in a child’s life and that they should be celebrated for this.

He adds, “If you want to understand yourself, start writing. That’s the best way. We need more young authors in the industry who will tackle issues that we face as youth and help us get through them.”

His first book, Elevation Requires isolation, is based on mental health, the educational system and entrepreneurship. Both books are available from the author. Follow him on Instagram @Ole_Sebolao.

Justine Fortuin