Young art promoter takes social media by storm

Oratile Lerumo, also known as Beekay

Oratile Lerumo is a social media guru who has started his own company at the age of 16. He established an art-based company named Artovation Studios.

Artovation Studios is a social media platform that creates, designs and promotes art in every form, from paintings to shoe designs. This is mainly done on social media platforms where Lerumo has a big following.

Lerumo said they wanted a descriptive name and eventually came up with the name Artovation Studios, which simply means using art to innovate. Their business consists of three major sectors, which are a visual art store, an affiliation agency and an art development institution that is still being developed. They also accommodate clothing art and some performance art.

Being a young entrepreneur has been a challenge to the learner who attends Navalsig High School, but since he started with the brand, he has gained a lot of followers on social media, especially Instagram.

“We sell drawings, painted clothing and digital designs, we promote performance artists using mainstream media, and we also try to secure and protect interests of brand affiliates while ensuring that they get clients (brands) to promote,” Lerumo said.

Lerumo started his journey mainly to send out a message that, regardless of your background, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

“In 2019 I started selling my drawings, just to get some petty cash. All was going well, but I longed for a bigger challenge and I also acknowledged my love for business,” he said.

He then approached a few friends he knew who specialised in various forms of art and sold them the idea of establishing something on a bigger scale.

Lerumo and Artovation Studios can be found on Facebook and Instagram at Artovation Studios and ‘whyy_choose_beekay.

Heidre Malgas