Work smarter not harder to save on school costs


With all children back at school this week, it’s full steam ahead with projects, school supplies and lunchboxes. It all seems wonderful until you realise the harsh truth – back-to-school shopping costs are high.

New school clothes, sport togs, school supplies, extra-curricular activities, school fees, food for lunches and snacks, and the list goes on.

How do you stay on track with your money and pay for everything necessary for your child to go to school simultaneously, without becoming broke or losing your mind?

Here are some useful saving tips:

Make a list and stick to it

Do an inventory so you can compare what you need versus what you already have before you head to the store.
You’ll be surprised to realise that backpacks and binders might be in good enough shape to use again.

Stay away from character niche products

Frozen, Paw Patrol, Sophia the First – your children may love a character lunch box or pencil case based on their favourite characters. The problem is if they see their friends with another kind of character lunch box, chances are they will want that, too.

Online shopping for the win

Websites like Takealot and Zasttra have tons of back-to-school shopping, and their delivery service makes it convenient and easy. Check the websites regularly for great deals on stationery. Buying it online saves you both time and money.

Plan lunches

Ditch the tuck shop money and instead encourage the kids to help you make their own healthier options for their lunch.

Why not carpool?

If you live in a neighbourhood where all the kids go to the same school, carpooling can be an extremely efficient and time-saving solution to get children to school. And with rising petrol prices, carpooling can also save you money.

Zululand Observer/Conelia Harry