Woman gives birth while travelling


Duane Petrus – A 25-year-old woman from KwaZulu-Natal is currently in a hospital in Harrismith with her four-day-old baby boy after she gave birth on her own while hitch hiking to the Free State on Sunday.
The woman was trying to get a lift to the Free State in search for the child’s father when she experienced labour pains next to a field along the road.
She was kicked out of her family home in Bergville following a dispute with other relatives.
The woman chooses not to be named because she has not yet met her child’s father.
After giving birth, she wrapped the baby in a T-shirt she was wearing and hid him in a plastic bag before heading to the road in search for a lift.
Passengers in a taxi she was travelling in became suspicious of the luggage the women was carrying and questioned her about what was in t0he bag.
She constantly kept the bag with the bag in it close to her chest throughout the entire journey.
After hearing the concealed baby crying, the passengers asked the taxi driver to take the woman to the nearest police station because they thought she intended killing her new-born.
Police intervened and the women revealed her entire ordeal to them.
Mmako Mophiring, police spokesperson, says the police then took the woman and her baby to the hospital where they are still being kept.
She still has not made any contact with neither her family or the baby’s father.
Mophiring has asked for people who are interested in making donations towards the woman and her baby to contact the Harrismith police station.