Proverbs 4 verse 6 warns us not to forsake Wisdom and she will keep, defend and protect us. If we love her she will guard us. Why do we forget that the purpose of our mouth is to worship God? The mouth should be used to encourage people. It should be the healer of broken people and the comforter of the lonely and forgotten.
Our two ears should be sensitive to the needs of others. As we pass through everyday life, we should listen out for conversations sent across our path by our Father. Someone might need to hear what the Spirit has placed in our hearts today. We need to observe the hurt, pain and confusion people hide behind their eyes. We need to look deeper into the person and not see the sin, but recognise the sinner.
Yet, we choose these Godly gifts, our eyes and ears, to assist the mouth in destroying people. If we are to follow in the image of Christ we need to have a checklist at the end of the day to make sure our everyday behaviour was linked to Wisdom. Will people see Jesus in us today?
Be Blessed

Brenda Myburgh

* Myburgh is a motivational speaker, facilitator, MC, director, writer, actress.