Winter made warmer

DJ LeGoody with learners from Khotso Primary school in Theunissen.

Shoprite is donating 1 000 pairs of school shoes for winter. They have started this operation by donating 400 pairs of school shoes on Monday, June 14 in Theunissen, Free State along with Mbulelo Khathaza, a local DJ who goes by the name of LeGoody.

In a press release by Shoprite, it is stated the 200 parcels each contained a pair of school shoes, a shoe brush, polish and a snack pack. All of Shoprite’s donation was distributed to the learners at two primary schools, Boliba and Khotso Primary School, which LeGoody attended in his youth days. The food retailer also delivered microwaves, kettles, pots and wooden spoons to the two schools. Meals on Wheels, a community service organisation, donated 20 x 20kg bags of rice, samp and maize meal.

The statement reads that the principal of Boliba Primary School, Constance Thiwane, expressed her gratitude to Shoprite for their donation. “We are very grateful to Shoprite for this kind gesture. These shoes came at just the right time. Winter is a challenging season as some of our learners cannot afford to buy shoes.” She also thanked the Shoprite group for the kitchen appliances and the food, saying that this donation would make a huge difference at the primary school.

The Group Sustainability Manager of Shoprite, Sanjeev Raghubir, said, “At Shoprite we are committed to looking after vulnerable communities. No child should go to school without shoes, especially during the winter season.”

In the coming weeks Shoprite will donate another 600 pairs of shoes to schools in vulnerable communities in the Northern Cape, North West and Lesotho.

Corn Koteli