Winners of Courant’s schools poster competition announced

Winners from Wilgehof Primary receiving their treats from Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa. From the left are teacher Nicole Steyl, Ayanda Rammile, Puleng Moloasi (holding the winning poster), Tshiamo Mogoase and Marcine O'Reilly from Bloemfontein Courant. PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

Lettie Fouché School and Wilgehof Primary learners were excited when visited by Bloemfontein Courant on Wednesday morning when they received some gifts from Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa. They were the winners of Bloemfontein Courant’s 10th Birthday Schools Competition.

The group of 10 learners at Lettie Fouché in Bloemfontein who won the high school category of the 10-year Bloemfontein Courant schools competition, with their teacher, Adell Holtzhausen (left), and Bloemfontein Courant representative, Marcine O’Reilly PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

The Courant team was welcomed at Lettie Fouché with great enthusiasm. Adell Holtzhausen, teacher of the middle phase group who designed the poster at Lettie Fouché, explained that the poster of Lettie Fouché’s learners was a team effort. Each learner was in charge of a certain section of the A3 Courant poster. “We discussed it in the class. During that time the celebrating of the moon landing in 1969 was big in the news and that’s how we decided on the theme of our poster,” Holtzhausen said.

At Wilgehof Primary, grade 7 teacher, Nicole Steyl, told Courant that they were extremely excited and proud of the learners for winning the competition, because even though they decided to enter at the last minute they worked extremely hard on their poster. “We usually work hand in hand with Bloemfontein Courant, so we decided to make them a poster with all things that scream ‘BIRTHDAY’ but also integrating our school’s emblems and logos.”
According to the general manager of Mahareng Publishing, Christel Basson, the schools competition was a way to include schools in the festivities as they play a vital role in the newspaper’s success stories, as stakeholders and as clients.