WIN: Rhino horn war documentary ‘Stroop’ tickets

Bonné de Bod and Section Ranger Albert Smith are on the scene of a freshly darted rhino orphan in the Kruger National Park. This calf lost her mother a few hours earlier in the night to poachers who killed her for her horn. Bonné covers the eye of the young rhino cow to protect her eyesight from being damaged by the sun as she is now under the effects of anesthetic. Ranger Albert keeps her body cool in 43/110 degree temperatures.

The documentary film, STROOP – journey into the rhino horn war has finally made its way to our doorstep.

Journey into the rhino horn war tells the shocking and touching story of the ongoing poaching of the rhinoceros and the trade in its coveted horn. Four years in the making, this labour of love saw Bonné de Bod and director, Susan Scott, sell their houses, leave their jobs and move in with their mothers in order to document what is happening in the fight to save the rhino from extinction. Initially setting out on a six-month project it became a dangerous and intense expedition for which the passionate duo often found themselves in immense danger.

Through unprecedented footage, Scott and De Bod have created a stunning, independent film – made with crowdfunding and grants – that shows why this hunted and targeted species deserves to live in dignity, free from exploitation by illegal traders, poachers, money men and corrupt governments.

To watch the trailer of the film:

The screening takes on 16 February, 9 am, Loch Logan Waterfront Nu Metro. Tickets are only available online at Webtickets – and at Pick n Pay stores.

Two lucky readers can win double tickets to the screening. Just SMS the word STROOP, followed by your name and contact details, to 082-400-5525.

The film will be introduced to the audience by filmmakers Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott. After the screening they will also do a Q&A session with the audience.