Why Everyone Loves a Good Burger

How can anyone not love a burger? They're so popular that even the smallest restaurants reserve a slot for them on their menu. But what exactly is it about burgers that makes them so popular?


Here are a few reasons people can’t get enough of this meat-filled meal.

They Won’t Break the Bank

Unlike paltry platters of sushi, burgers don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Because of this meal, most people can be sure they won’t go hungry, no matter how far away payday is. Whenever you’re starving, out of cash, and desperate to sink your teeth into something tasty, you can confidently head to the nearest family restaurant without worrying too much about the price.

They Come with Equally Delicious Sides

Burgers are rarely served alone. A full portion of chips or a plate of grilled veggies is usually not far behind when you order a burger. This is good news for ravenous diners with big appetites. When you’re serious about getting rid of the hunger pang in the pit of your stomach, a burger is the only thing worth ordering. If the burger’s not enough to stave off hunger, the sides will get the job done.

They’re Everywhere

If you’re craving a burger, you won’t have to look far to find a place that sells them. There’s a Wimpy practically everywhere you go. And no matter how hungry you are, you can always count on a burger to silence your growling stomach. It isn’t surprising that most people choose to order a burger even when presented with fancier options.

You Can Stuff Them as Much as You Like

Have you ever seen those outrageous food challenges that seemed doomed from the word ‘go’? There’s a reason most of these challenges feature a burger. Given their design, it doesn’t take much effort to stuff in as many toppings as you see fit. It could be extra slices of cheese, crunchy veggies, another patty, or streaks of bacon. It all depends on your taste.

They Make Us Happy

The next time you see someone biting into their favourite burger, have a good look at their face. No, you’re not delusional. That is pure, undiluted joy you’re seeing. Pigging out on a crunchy, larger-than-life burger is one of the underrated pleasures of modern life. It’s no wonder that burgers are included in the prestigious class of foodstuffs known as comfort foods. There are no studies needed to prove this undeniable truth. Just think about the last time you were doing a gruelling grocery run with the kids. What’s the one thing you would have to wind down? How about the time you had back-to-back meetings from the moment you walked into the office? No prizes for guessing what you ordered during your lunch break.

Burgers are popular, because they’re good. They fill our empty stomachs when a nibble simply won’t do. And for that, we should all be grateful to the burger.