White overcomes heat for last win in South Africa


The motorsport sensation from Bloemfontein, Stuart White, overcame searing heat and heat stroke to win what is his last race in South Africa, for now.

White took the checkered flag at the Aldo Scribante Raceway over the weekend in a Mclaren GT3 650 during the all-new South African GT3 championship.

Apart from getting to drive the Mclaren, White and Michael Stephen had the honour of being able to drive all nine of the GT3 cars in South Africa, and these included the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evos, Mclaren 650 GT3s, an Aston Martin GT3 and a Porsche 911 GT3R, to get them all on par for the first season of the South African GT3 championship.

White told Bloemfontein Courant that early in the race he noticed some cooling problems in the Mclaren, but he held out for the win.

“Early on I noticed that I had a problem with the air-conditioner not working and some radiator air blowing into the car. At stages the temperature in the car got quite hot and it peaked at 71°C. Luckily as the temperature of the day got cooler, it got a little cooler in the car, but dehydration in the car was quite high. It started to get quite difficult because I was developing blisters on my feet and my hands and after the race I had to get a few drips in order to get all the fluid back into my body again.

“Other than that, it was just an amazing experience to be able to drive a GT3 car again and for the first time this season in a race.

“I also had such a nice battle with the multiple South African champion, Stephen, for the entire race, and finishing 0.4 seconds ahead of him for the win was something exceptional.

“I think we both had some fun times in the car and to end off my last race in South Africa for now on such a high was absolutely amazing.”

White has some exciting news regarding his immediate future and this will be announced as soon as everything has been finalised. – MORGAN PIEK