What to take into consideration when choosing a nanny


Picking a nanny is one of the most important decisions you will make as essentially, the caregiver will stand in for you when you are not available to fully care for your child.

Make the right decision by following a process which will help you find the right person that you can trust with your child and who can fit into your family life.


Ask for at least three references from the prospective nanny or agency. Prepare a list of questions which should include the following:

  • How long did you employ her?
  • Why did she leave?
  • What was her compensation level?
  • What are her strengths, and what about her do you most respect?
  • In what areas could she improve?
  • How are her communication skills? (Both with the parents and the children.)
  • Does she have initiative?
  • Is she organized?
  • Does she handle stress well?
  • Is she warm and social?


First aid training

Ask if she has first aid training and how she coped in an emergency situation. Her ability to administer first aid should rank highly on your priorities list, especially if you have a toddler as they are very active and are bound to explore indoors and outdoors. If you have a swimming pool, CPR training will come in handy in the case of an unfortunate incident.


How many children has she cared for? A prospective nanny should have at least one year of cumulative prior experience as a paid childcare provider. Experience could be as a teacher, daycare provider, camp counselor or babysitter/nanny.

Personality compatibility

Ideally, her personality should fit in with the family and everyone should feel comfortable around her and vice versa. Schedule a trial run to watch how she interacts with your children.

Interview questions

Ask potential candidates specific questions that relate to your family. Find out what their past job duties were and if they are willing to do the tasks you are looking for help with. Talk about your parenting and discipline styles, and find out if the prospective nanny will agree to follow your lead.


Ultimately trust your instinct and allow it to guide you in making the final decision. You know what’s best for your child and your gut will instinctively tell you who the best person to look after your precious child is. https://youtu.be/IRIbnwLGpu0

Watch the video below to help guide you on picking a nanny