What to do with my enemies


Have you ever been surprised by the realisation that you have an enemy? Not one you find in war, but someone who has been part of your work or social circle for many years. Sometimes it even turns out to be someone in your family. No matter who our enemies are, if we focus on them and on how unfair it all is, we are wasting our precious time. The Lord says in Luke 6 verses 27 and 28 that we should love our enemies, treat them well, invoke blessings upon and pray for the happiness of those who curse us. That is one enormous mouthful of things we definitely don’t feel like doing when it comes to those who stand against us.
In recent years I watched my friends go through a terrible financial loss due to people’s lack of honesty and integrity. They made the deliberate decision not to pursue their enemy, but to bless them instead. Today I stand amazed at how they are reaping the obvious rewards of their choice. We always have a choice. Our peace and joy lie in blessing someone instead of cursing them. There is a much bigger challenge in blessing someone who doesn’t deserve it than blessing those who love you anyway. Be Blessed

Brenda Myburgh

* Myburgh is a motivational speaker, facilitator, MC, director, writer, actress.