Welbedacht pipeline site to be inspected

Department of Water and Sanitation’s (DWS) Minister Senzo Mchunu. PHOTO: South African Government

The Department of Water and Sanitation’s (DWS) Minister Senzo Mchunu is expected at the Welbedacht pipeline site in the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality on Monday for an inspection.

The department says that the project aimed at augmenting water into the Bloemfontein Integrated Water System has been “experiencing challenges”.

“The project, which involves a construction of the new 1000mm diameter bypass pipeline from Leeuwkop chamber to the Brandkop reservoir, is part of the interventions being implemented by the Department of Water and Sanitation, through its implementing agent, Bloem Water, to ensure adequate supply of potable water to the residents of the metro. The Greater Bloemfontein Water Supply System has been experiencing challenges of insufficient potable water supply to its residents, with a shortfall of up to 61% Ml/day.”

Compiled by Gypseenia Lion