Weather alert: cold weekend ahead for Mangaung Metro – residents cautioned


The South African Weather Services has issued an advisory about an intense cold front that is expected to reach the country by Friday afternoon; with temperatures expected to drop to 12 degrees in some parts of Mangaung Metro.

As temperatures drop across the province, some people will rely on open fires, paraffin, gas heaters and stoves, fireplaces etc. to keep warm and cook. Our reports overtime have shown us that these apparatuses are the sources of most domestic fires.

In light of this, the city has an extensive and proactive fire management plan in place that we are currently rolling out to ensure that we are combat ready for any eventuality during this period and the entire winter season.

The Mangaung Metro Fire Service, through Public Education Division, has in the past four weeks accelerated its Fire Awareness campaign for the winter season and has been visiting communities, schools and churches across the city to raise awareness and caution residents to be safe, especially during this time of the year when attending to anything prone to fire. The focus of these campaigns is to prevent fires from happening, but in the unfortunate case of a fire eruption, we have stations in all our regions and arrangements have been made regarding former Naledi Municipality and Soutpan in case of fire. In any eventuality, the city’s well-trained officers will be on call and ready to respond.

In line with the Fire Management Plan, when a call/report has been received by the Disaster Management Centre, depending on the distance of the affected area attempts are made to:  Have the first vehicle arrive:

o Within 5 minutes after having been dispatched when responding to a fire in a high risk industrial area or extensive central business district; o Within 7 minutes after having been dispatched when responding to a fire in a moderate risk industrial area or limited central business district;

o Within 10 minutes after having been dispatched when responding to a fire in a residential area;

o Within 20 minutes after having been dispatched when responding to a fire in a rural area;

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 Rescue/extricate any person involved in the incident reasonably believed to be still alive without unnecessary risk to emergency services staff;  Contain the incident;  Prevent the incident from escalating;  Mitigate the consequences of the incident and the impact on those affected by the incident.
General safety rules:

 Switch off electric blanket before you sleep

 Do not leave heaters unattended

 Never smoke in bed  Do not dry clothes on a heater

 Store flammable liquids in a plastic container not a glass container
In cases of emergency, residents should contact:

 Mangaung Disaster Control Centre: 051 406 6666 or

 Mangaung Fire & Rescue: 051 409 9600

Issued by: MMM Communications