Water donated to Boshof after fires

Picture: iStock

After thousands of farmland hectares were destroyed by run-away fires, a wide area of devastated land and livestock were left behind.

Due to this, aQuellé donated 36 tonnes of natural spring water to the people of Boshof in the Free State.

According to a statement by the company, on average over 1 000 000 bottles of water are donated annually to communities throughout South Africa. These communities include hospitals, old-age homes, orphanages and schools and at upliftment projects, fund-raisers for charities and sporting events.

The company also responds to various disaster crises and water shortage needs across South Africa, which include a truckload of aQuellé that was sent to Cape Town during the drought Jan 2017, several deliveries of water for the firefighters in Franschhoek, and over two truckloads of aQuellé water during Covid-19 that was donated across South Africa.

The community in Boshof as well as the disaster team in the area are relieved to hear that their need for drinking water has been heard.

Sazly Hartzenberg