Water crisis ahead of Boks test

Water drop falling from an old tap

Guesthouses in Mangaung are facing an uphill battle with the water crisis ahead of the much-anticipated test match between the Springboks and Wales in Bloemfontein this weekend.

This has since left guesthouse owners frustrated with the potential financial loss due to guests threatening to cancel their bookings.


According to one of the guesthouse owners, Belinda Neethling of Rhino Creek Estate, they have had no water for more than 24 hours – which is frustrating and unpleasant for them and their guests.

Neethling says the unavailability of water is threatening the financial viability of the guesthouse business in the area.

It is alleged the unavailability of water is due to a burst pipe, previously fixed during the Easter weekend.

It previously took five days to repair.

“The water just disappeared early yesterday and we have been without water ever since. The municipality says they are working on it, however they are failing to disclose when the water will be back and what the problem is,” said Neethling.

Neetling told OFM News not only is water an issue, but the road where her guesthouse is situated has been a huge problem, especially when it rains; the road cannot be used and she receives bad reviews as a result.

“I have to pay a private company R1000 per month for refuse removal; every four months we need to pay private companies to drain our pipes because the municipality fails to do so; I fail to understand why we pay for these basic services, because they do not get done,” she added.

Mangaung Metro municipality is yet to comment on OFM News’ inquiry.